When the purity of a festival such as Levitate repeatedly delivering memorable experiences, it’s only natural to wish to have as many people know about it as possible. Verticals is capable of stretching the festival’s potential bandwidth while simultaneously honing in on the humble beginnings the festival stands for. It’s imperative to retain past participants and increase the amount of people attending year after year.


One of the inviting characteristics of Levitate Fest. is the small town vibe one experiences while there.  Our campaign will highlight this aspect using social media to initiate those curious potential concert-goers into purchasing tickets. Content from the previous, successful Levitate Festivals will serve as concrete evidence of why the festival continues to attract such warranted attention.  Our digital ad campaign will seek to lure music lovers, surf & skate communities, and art aficionados by utilizing organic social media postings that show the cohesiveness of those attendees who decide to make the trip.